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Advertiser's information page

Looking to advertise online to a highly focused market of professional musicians? Musicians are very high level consumers of music and music-industry-related goods and services. If you want to target professionally-minded customers who are looking for professional goods and services, all for an very economical advertising price, look no further.

(Left column is 252 pixels wide. The image below is 252x300 pixels)


(Middle column is 342 pixels wide. The image below is 342x100 pixles)

All ads utilise the full width of each column. Ads are placed after articles in each column. Ads are sold on the per column 100 pixels basis. But don't worry, if you want an image of specific pixel depth that is not a multiple of 100, we can accomodate you! You need to make sure, however, that the image is, or can be scaled to, the exact width of the column.

Need the technical details?

Interested in inexpensive inner page ads?

Any questions? Email us at


If you wish, we can lay out your ad to your specifications, for a very low price.

(Right column is 162 pixels wide. The image below is 162x200 pixels)

















Technical specification and requirements

Please take note of the following technical specification.
Files delivered to us not conforming to these specifications will attract a $22 conversion charge.

All files must be JPEG or GIF format, in 8-bit paletted or grayscale format (we recommend optimised palettes).

Files must be sized as follows:

Maximum column depth of any file: 400 pixels

Minimum column depth: 50 pixels

Front page:

Inner pages:

Please include with your graphic a text file containing a single URL which can be used as a link for the entire graphic.

For example:


Note: We will implement the link exactly as we find it, and take no responsibility if it has been sent to us incorrectly.
It is the advertiser's responsibility to view their ads online, and to alert us if they are incorrectly placed, displayed or linked.

We do not currently accept animated gifs.