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      Example Contracts  

    These listed Musicians Union of Australia example contract forms are in Microsoft® Word document format.

      Extra Benefits  

    • Recovery of Unpaid Fees
    • Free Copyright and Contract Advice
    • Free distribution outlet for your recordings
    • Free Financial and Legal Advice

      What Unions Do  

    • Collectively bargain to set minimum rates, working hours and conditions
    • Lobby Governments
    • Lobby Industry
    • Advise Governments on training
    • Provide input to curriculum in educational institutions
    • Protect workers' rights
    The MUA does all of this and in addition, provides a wide variety
    of services specifically designed to meet the needs of musicians.

      Insurances for Musicians  


    Duck for Cover Entertainers Group: (03) 9439 5991

    (Public Liability & Equipment Insurance)

    Duck for Cover Entertainers Group Inc. is an incorporated, non-profit association of performers which makes available cost-effective public liability insurance cover for its members.

    This low-cost public liability cover suitable for all events, festivals and venues is available to all Performers and Artists via the group's membership service.

    They also provide a limited level of insurance for performer's equipment whether at gigs, on tour or at home.

    For more information or an application form contact:

    Duck For Cover
    P.O. Box 969
    Eltham, VIC. 3095
    Tel: (03) 9439 5991
    Url: www.duckforcover.com.au

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