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    The Musicians' Union helps Venues and Musicians

    In the current economic climate it is tough for musicians to get gigs where a decent rate of pay is guaranteed. The Musicians' Union has identified one of the reasons for this as the high risk factor faced by venues and other promoters when they put on live gigs. The normal business solution to managing risk is underwriting, so The MUA has decided to apply this solution to the live music scene and has come up with a program called "Ethical Gigs".

    Ethical Gigs guarantees a fair minimum payment to every musician who plays at an Ethical Gig and also guarantees a single minimum payment to whoever is putting on the gig (this may be the venue, a promoter or anyone else who is taking the risk). Ethical Gigs can apply to any style of music and any size of act from a solo up.

    Ethical Gigs does not cost the venue, or the musician anything. Venues who are participants in the Ethical Gigs program are under no obligation to make all (or even a specified percentage of their gigs) part of the program. The program does not interfere in venues' selection of bands. Any venue and any band can be eligible to be part of the program.

    Contact us now and let us show you how Ethical Gigs can work for you:

    Musicians Union of Australia (Melbourne Branch)
    Email: ethicalgigs@people.net.au


    Last updated: 24 November 2015


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