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      What Unions Do  

    • Collectively bargain to set minimum rates, working hours and conditions
    • Lobby Governments
    • Lobby Industry
    • Advise Governments on training
    • Provide input to curriculum in educational institutions
    • Protect workers' rights

    The MUA does all of this and in addition, provides a wide variety of services specifically designed to meet the needs of musicians. If you want to talk to us about any of this information or anything else, our contact details are:
      Contact Information  


    State Secretary

    Alan Richards

    8 Palmerston Street
    Camberwell, VIC. 3124





    0418 554 635

      Extra Benefits  

    • Recovery of Unpaid Fees
    • Free Copyright and Contract Advice
    • Free distribution outlet for your recordings
    • Free Financial and Legal Advice
    • Work Referrals (where possible)
    • Discounted PA Hire, Lighting Hire and Rehearsal Studio Time (HUGE discounts for new members)
    • Discounts on Instruments, Accessories and Sheet Music
    • Access to Endeavour Credit Union
    • Access to THC Housing Co-Op
               (great home loan rates!)

      Example Contracts  

    All listed Musicians Union of Australia contract forms
    are in Adobe Acrobat Reader® format

      Musos' Health Service  



    You can show your support and interest in better public health services and the promotion of health and well-beig for musicians. Membership is free. Regular updates of activities and events can be provided by email.


    A small fee is charged for health card holders using some government funded services. Bulk billing available for medical services and audiology (not including ear plugs).

    More Information ...


    Post your application to Maureen Murray at Yarra Health Services or email your details to mmurray@iechs.org.au.


  • Yarra Health Services
  • Eastern Drug & Alcohol Services
  • Audiological Society of Australia
  • Tinnitus Association of Victoria
  • VMAG Website
  • British Musicians Union
  • Hearing Education & Awareness for Rockers (HEAR)
  • Guide to the Alexander Technique



    Where We Are



    Yarra Health Services

    Maureen Murray

    283 Church Street
    Richmond, VIC. 3121

    Tel: 9429 1811

    Fax: 9425 9551


    Booroondara Community Health Centre

    378 Burwood Road
    Hawthorn, VIC. 3122

    Tel: 9818 6703

    Fax: 9818 6714



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