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      Taxation Information for Musicians  

    DISCLAIMER:  The following information has been provided by the Australian Tax Office.
    The Musicians Union of Australia publishes this information on its web-site as a service to its members, however,
    we take no responsibility for inaccuracies or errors in the ATO publications which are presented as provided by them.

    The Australian Taxation Office website at  www.ato.gov.au  gives access to E-tax, ATO publications, a range of deductions for your industry and overall general information on tax matters.

    Copies of occupational rulings can be downloaded from the Tax Office website  www.ato.gov.au  or paper copies can be ordered by calling our Publication Distribution Service on 1300 720 092.

    Details can also be found in TaxPack 2010, at your nearest ATO access centre, or through your tax agent.
    It's Tax Time !   (flyer from the ATO)      (File size -  75k. in Adobe® ".PDF"  format)

    Performing Artists make sure you claim all your entitlements from the Tax Office this year.

    To help you with your tax return, the Tax Office has produced a publication specifically for performing artists. This booklet includes information performing artists need to know when claiming work-related expenses. It also contains other useful tips to help complete your tax return, and ensure you claim all your entitlements.
    Performing Artists Taxation Advice   (from the ATO)    (File size -  178k. in Adobe® ".PDF"  format)

    More information is available in " Occupational Ruling Summary - Performing Artists which you can get here or from the Tax Office.
    Occupational Ruling Summary   (Performing Artists)    (File size -  49k. in MS Word® ".DOC"  format)

    Lodge your tax returns online using E-tax 2010

    E-tax 2010  takes you through an on-screen interview to complete your tax return. Most calculations are done for you and E-tax estimates your tax refund or tax debt. If you need help when using E-tax you will have direct access to dedicated enquiry lines.

    E-Tax Online Lodgement Guide   (from the ATO)    (File size - 178k. in MS Word® ".DOC"  format)

    Guide to the Australian Taxation System    (from the ATO)    (File size - 468k. in Adobe Acrobat® ".PDF"  format)

    Workforce Education Program   (Survey from the ATO)      (File size -  53k. in MS Word® ".DOC"  format)



    Last updated: 21 March 2015


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